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Why Seabird
-Seabird the best shipping agency & ship supply company

- Seabird is not simply ONE of the Several local private enterprises

- Seabird is one of the largest and most expanded ship AGENCIES In Egypt and one of the largest in the Middle East .

- Members of the International Marine Purchasing Association ( IMPA ).

- Members of the International Ship Suppliers Association ( ISSA )

-Our management system complies with ISO 9001-2000 and certified through DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV) UNDER ACCREDITATION OF RVA C024 RVA C024.

- Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in EGYPT.

- Members in The German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce Egypt - Cairo

- Seabird — ship supply— can offer a unique service to all worldwide shipping company’s who manage their own vessels of any tonnage and any type of vessel Whether a dry type, a tanker type, a reefer or others.

- Our services are unique and valuable to international shipping market in the light of the following:
Fresh and dry provisions.
Fresh and frozen meat, fish and poultry.
Bonded stores.
Deck, engine and cabin stores.
Navigational equipment, books and charts.
Supply of spare parts and shore repairing assistance.
Bunker, Lubricants and fresh water supplies.
- Our services are rendered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Also clear ship’s spares and parcels for further delivery on board exactly in time.

* Reliable service with fast response.

* Top service quality at competitive fees.

* Always clients interests has the priority.

- SUEZ CANAL dry docks

SeaBird Services Maritimes is the heir of the SeaBird Group which was Created in PortSaid in 1841 by , Hypolite SeaBird . The SeaBird Group was in the beginning active in international trades , mainly coal with Belgium ; In 1856 , the Group became a ship owner.

One of the great achievements at the end of the years 1860 is undoubtedly the opening of the Suez Canal, which reduces distances between Europe and Oriental countries. Hypolite SeaBird, who, since 1851, had provided the coal in Alexandria, is immediately a supporter of this new waterway .
In 1865 he supplies coal to the company in charge of the digging. And, in 1869, the very same day of the inauguration, he opens an office in Port Saïd.
In addition to the shipchandling , the Egyptian branch of the Group offers to ship-owners all the range of maritime services.

In 1975 , a subsidiary , specialized in ship agency , is created in Egypt : SeaBird Services Maritimes .
The Company is then acquired in June 1998 by the SeaBird and Barnaud families, in partnership with the main managers who take a minority share.
The Managing Director of the company is Mr. Mohamed Ibrahem .

SeaBird Services Maritimes is now very active as a shipping agent in Egypt and in the main Mediterranean countries .
SeaBird SM est l'héritière des métiers d'agent maritime et d'armateur de la Maison SeaBird , Créée à PortSaid en 1841.
La Maison SeaBird sert tout d'abord de cadre à diverses activités : négoce de charbons belges, commerce international... Autant d'opérations qui préparent la voie dans laquelle Hypolite SeaBird s'oriente rapidement en prenant part au commerce maritime en tant qu'armateur de navires dès 1856 .

L'une des grandes réalisations à la fin des années 1860 est assurément l'ouverture du canal de Suez, nouvelle voie qui permet une forte réduction du temps des traversées entre l'Europe et les pays du Levant. Hypolite SeaBird, qui, dès 1851, fournit le dépôt charbonnier des Messageries maritimes à Alexandrie, se range immédiatement parmi les partisans du Canal. En 1865 il livre le charbon à l'entreprise chargée du creusement. Et, en 1869, le jour même de l'inauguration, il fonde une succursale à Port Saïd. Outre l'avitaillement des navires, la Maison d'Egypte apporte aux armateurs toute la gamme des services maritimes.

En 1975 est créée la filiale spécialisée dans l 'agence maritime : SeaBird Services Maritimes.
La société est ensuite acquise en juin 1998 par les familles SeaBird et Barnaud, en association avec les cadres de l'entreprise qui prennent une participation minoritaire.
Le président Directeur Général est Mr. Mohamed Khalifa

SeaBird Services Maritimes est maintenant très active en Egypt et dans la plupart des pays du bassin Méditérranéen en tant qu'agent maritime.

SeaBird services maritimes : shipping agent, regular lines, tramping Egypt, Mediterranean area, cruises, hubs.
SeaBird services maritimes : agent maritime, lignes régulières, tramping Egypt, tramping méditerrannée, croisières, hubs.

SeaBird Services Maritimes a développé son métier d'agence de lignes maritimes au point d'être encore aujourd'hui l'une des seules grandes agences françaises indépendantes.
Les services rendus, tant sur le plan commercial que pour la consignation, ont été reconnus par des armateurs parmi les plus prestigieux au monde et dont la représentation la plus ancienne à ce jour remonte à 1965.

C'est ainsi que nous sommes en mesure de proposer un grand choix de destinations sur les cinq continents sous des formes variées : conteneurs, roulant, conventionnel.

Des équipes professionnelles expérimentées s'appuient sur les dernières technologies pour offrir des services personnalisés à nos clients, armateurs et chargeurs.

Leur satisfaction est aussi la nôtre.

Nous sommes heureux de vous accueillir sur ce site et vous souhaitons une bonne visite.

SeaBird Services Maritimes (Egypt) is the oldest and largest independent agency in Egypt, established over a hundred and fifty years ago, operating a network of owned offices at all main Egyptian ports.

It has an excellent reputation of efficiency handling of any vessels' types, with fully operational staff of highly trained professionals available on a 24-hour basis and devoted to servicing the needs of its clients and cargo interest.

SeaBird Services Maritimes offers centralized accounting with single bank account and computerized vessels' call proforma to ensure smooth handling and timely closing of vessels accounts, moreover all its offices are fully equipped with own computer system permitting online follow up of operations.
For information request please click here.

SeaBird Services Maritimes places great importance on its level of service and seeks at all times to maintain a consistently high level of quality toward its principals as well as for itself. In this respect, its Egyptian coordination agency has successfully obtained ISO 9001 accreditation by LRQA since July 10th 2014.
For information request please click here.
SeaBird SERVICES MARITIMES ( Egypt ) is a Egyptian based shipping agency company issued from the "old" financial and industrial group SeaBird and co ( est. 1848 ) who was very active over the years in banks / insurance / ship owning / industry .

Our Head Quarters , hub agency centre is based in PortSaid ;
Although , our main port offices are in Egypt , we are very active in other countries , mainly in the Mediterranean area where, in our capacity of ship agents , we assist / follow up in various countries a monthly average of 150 / 200 calls .

We have the experience of an old established group with the flexibility and training of a dynamic company with young managers and staff, modern communications.
Frequent meetings with our different local teams allow us to offer to our clientele a first class and tailored service .

PORT AGENT : SeaBird Services Maritimes, a well known fully independent private owned company, is represented in all main Egyptian ports and has also extended his presence to Mediterranean sea, Egypt and recently Morocco.

A centralised unit based at Bordeaux with dedicated and experienced personnel has been set up to simplify our exchange of information

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Who We Are

SEABIRD MARINE SHIPPING AGENCY head office in Port Said which offered the full range of shipping services also facilitate and accelerate to ship Owners , Charters and Operators the prompt dispatch to their vessels . That’s our business decision with competitive terms . Also efficient shipping advisors for any inquiry concerning the Suez canal transit also we arrange for carrying out surveys required by vessel’s principals . We are permitted to handle cargo operations all types of vessels (TANKERS-BULK CARRIERS-CONTAINERS-RO/RO-CAR CARRIERS AND GENERAL CARGO) loading / discharging at the highest averages with competitive charges . We offering bunker facilities are available at our ports and lubricants required by your nomination to vessels . We are represent and protect as shipping agency ship marine owners, charters and operators continuously trying render their vessels reliable efficient services to ensure smooth operations during canal transit or calls at the Egyptian ports all 24 hours to safeguard their interests at the various local authorities with hard working experienced staff fast and high performance.
SEABIRD MARINE SHIPPING AGENCY- Port Said / Suez (Egypt) our firm located and based head office in Port Said which is north gate of the Suez Canal and it's one of main ports in Egypt . Our shipping firm is dealing with all aspects of marine and shipping business to covering all requires of our principals and offered the full range of legal marine
services and facilities also logistic services are provided by our staff in all our branches .

It is great pleasure to present to you our services and activities hopping to deal with your respectable company as we know your good reputation in the shipping field assuring that it will be a great honor to us if you agree to co-operate with us to be your sole agent or branch to your good selves to serve your vessels during Suez Canal transit and in all Egyptian ports.
We offer you to try professional and high level of the services we provide to our principals besides you can also see a big difference between us and the other agencies .Our Management team includes our staff whose experience is a definitive asset for our principals . Today SEABIRD MARINE Shipping Agency try hard by all dedicated to find the solutions which will allow our principals to be more competitive and more successful in their activities.
We believe that will meet your approval. We hope to communicate with SEABIRD MARINE Shipping Agency – Port Said head office to get the information you may need on shipping affairs in our area and awaiting your recommendation .Of course, for more information and more details about our main activities and also our tariff and fees please send e-mail or fax to send to you details included all above mentioned information. Please remember SEABIRD MARINE Shipping Agency – Port Said – Egypt Providing you with all you need to know and more – your guide in the Suez Canal Port Said – Suez).

The Suez Canal History:

It is recorded that Egypt was the first country to dig a canal across its land with a view to activate world trade.
The Suez Canal is considered to be the shortest link between the east and the west due to its unique geographic location; it is an important international navigation canal linking between the Mediterranean sea at Port said and the red sea at Suez. The idea of linking the Mediterranean sea with the red sea by a canal dates back to 40 centuries as it was pointed out through history starting by the pharaohs era passing by the Islamic era until it was dredged reaching its current condition today.
It is considered to be the first artificial canal to be used in Travel and Trade. The Whole Idea of establishing a canal linking between the red sea and the Mediterranean dates back to the oldest times, as Egypt dredged the first artificial canal on the planet’s surface. The pharaohs dredged a canal link in between river Nile and the red sea.The inscriptions in the tomb of Weni the Elder, who lived during the 6th Dynasty of the Old Kingdom (c. 2407-2260 BC) tell us a lot about Egyptian canal building and the reasons for building them - (for war ships and for transporting monument stone). Scholars are still debating, however, whether his waterways ran all the way from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea.
The first canal was dug under the reign of Senausret III, Pharao of Egypt (1887-1849 BC) linking the Mediterranean Sea in the north with the Red sea in the south via the river Nile and its branches.
The Canal often abandoned to silting and was successfully reopened to navigation by Sity I (1310 BC), Necho II (610 BC), Persian King Darius (522 BC), Polemy II (285 BC), Emperor Trajan (117 AD) and Amro Ibn Elass (640 AD), following the Islamic conquest. Under Necho II , a canal was built between the Pelusian branch of the Nile and the northern end of the Bitter Lakes (which lies between the two seas) at a cost of, reportedly, 100,000 lives. However, over many years, the canal fell into disrepair, only to be extended, abandoned, and rebuilt again.
Necho was the first who attempted the channel leading to the Erythraian Sea (Red sea and Gulf of Suez which was extended to near by Ismailia city), which Dareios the Persian afterwards completed: the length of this is a voyage of four days, and in breadth it was so dug that two triremes could go side by side driven by oars; and the water is brought into it from the Nile. The channel is conducted a little above the city of Bubastis (near by Zagazig city) by Patumos the Arabian city (Near by Ismailia city), and runs into the Erythraian Sea: and it is dug first along those parts of the plain of Egypt which lie towards Arabia (Eastern desert), just above which run the mountains which extend opposite Memphis (south of Cairo), where are the stone-quarries,--along the base of these mountains the channel is conducted from West to East for a great way; and after that it is directed towards a break in the hills and tends from these mountains towards the noon-day and the South Wind to the Arabian gulf (Gulf of Suez). Now in the place where the journey is least and shortest from the Northern to the Southern Sea (which is also called Erythraian), that is from Mount Casion (east of Port Said), which is the boundary between Egypt and Syria, the distance is exactly a thousand furlongs (1 furlongs equals about 200 meter) to the Arabian gulf; but the channel is much longer, since it is more winding; and in the reign of Necos there perished while digging it twelve myriads of the Egyptians. Now Necos ceased in the midst of his digging, because the utterance of an Oracle impeded him, which was to the effect that he was working for the Barbarian: and the Egyptians call all men Barbarians who do not agree with them in speech.
After having been neglected, it was rebuilt by the Persian ruler, Darius I (522-486 BC), whose canal can still be seen along the Wadi Tumilat. According to Herodotus, his canal was wide enough that two triremes could pass each other with oars extended, and that it took four days to navigate. He commemorated the completion of his canal with a series of granite stelae set up along the Nile bank.
This canal is said to have been extended to the Red Sea by Ptolemy II Philadelphus (285-246 BC), abandoned during the early Roman rule, but rebuilt again by Trajan (98-117 AD). Over the next several centuries, it once again was abandoned and sometimes dredged by various rulers for various but limited purposes.
Amro Ibn Elass rebuilt the canal after the Islamic takeover of Egypt linking the Nile to the Red Sea creating a new supply line from Cairo . It was used for shipping grain to Arabia and to transport the pilgrimages to the Holy Land. The canal was stopped up in 767 AD by the Abbasid caliph El-Mansur to cut off supplies to insurgents located in the Delta and to starve out rebels in Medina.
In modern times the SuezCanal is actually the first canal directly linking the Mediterranean to the Red sea.

The first efforts to build a modern canal came from the Egypt expedition of Napoleon Bonaparte, who hoped the project would create a devastating trade problem for the English. Though this project was begun in 1799 by Charles Le Pere, a miscalculation estimated that the levels between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea were too great (estimating that the Red Sea was some ten meters higher than that of the Mediterranean Sea) and work was quickly suspended.
Napoleon was told that the Red Sea was 30 feet higher than the Mediterranean. Dig a canal, his surveyors said, and the Red Sea will hemorrhage into the Mediterranean.

Napoleon's engineers also considered the idea of a canal running directly between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, but they miscalculated a difference of ten meters between the two sea levels and gave up the idea, and it would sweep away the Nile Delta.
Then, in 1833, a group of French intellectuals known as the Saint-Simoniens arrived in Cairo and they became very interested in the Suez project despite such problems as the difference in sea levels. Unfortunately, at that time Mohammed Ali had little interest in the project, and in 1835, the Saint-Simoniens were devastated by a plague epidemic. Most of the twenty or so engineers returned to France. They did leave behind several enthusiasts for the canal, including Ferdinand de Lesseps (who was then the French vice-consul in Alexandria) and Linant de Bellefonds

In Paris, the Saint-Simoniens created an association in 1846 to study the possibility of the Suez Canal once again. In 1847, Bourdaloue confirmed that there was no real difference in the levels between the Mediterranean and Red Seas, and it was Linant de Bellefonds that drew up the technical report. Unfortunately, there was considerable British opposition to the project, and Mohammed Ali, who was ill by this time, was less than enthusiastic.

In 1854 the French diplomat and engineer Vicomte Ferdinand Marie de Lesseps succeeded in enlisting the interest of the Egyptian viceroy Said Pasha in the project.
In 1858 La Compagnie Universelle du Canal Maritime de Suez (Universal Company of the Maritime Suez Canal) was formed with authority to cut a canal and to operate it for 99 years, after which ownership would return to the Egyptian government. The company was originally a private Egyptian concern, its stock owned chiefly by French and Egyptian interests. In 1875 the British government purchased Egypt's shares.

The pilot study estimated that a total of 2,613 million cubic feet of earth would have to be moved, including 600 million on land, and another 2,013 million dredged from water. The total original cost estimate was 200 million francs.

When at first the company ran into financial problems, it was Pasha Said who purchased 44 percent of the company to keep it in operation. However, the British and Turks were concerned with the venture and managed to have work suspended for a short time, until the intervention of Napoleon III. Excavation of the canal actually began on April 25th, 1859, and between then and 1862, the first part of the canal was completed. However, after Ismail succeeded Pasha Said in 1863, the work was again suspended. After Ferdinand De Lesseps again appealed to Napoleon III, an international commission was formed in March of 1864. The commission resolved the problems and within three years, the canal was completed. On November 17, 1869 the barrage of the Suez plains reservoir was breached and waters of the Mediterranean flowed into the Red Sea and the canal was opened for international navigation.

Completion of the 160- kilometer long waterway, however, took ten years of excruciating and poorly compensated labor by Egyptian workers, who were drafted at the rate of 20,000 every ten months from the ranks of the peasantry.

The completion of the Suez Canal was a cause for considerable celebration. In Port Said , the extravaganza began with fireworks and a ball attended by six thousand people. They included many heads of state, including the Empress Eugenie, the Emperor of Austria, the Prince of Wales, the Prince of Prussia and the Prince of the Netherlands. Two convoys of ships entered the canal from its southern and northern points and met at Ismailia. Parties continued for weeks, and the celebration also marked the opening of Ismail's old Opera House in Cairo , which is now gone.

Because of external debts, the British government purchased the shares owned by Egyptian interests, namely those of Said Pasha, in 1875, for some 400,000 pounds sterling. Yet France continued to have a majority interest. Under the terms of an international convention signed in 1888 (The Convention of Constantinople), the canal was opened to vessels of all nations without discrimination, in peace and war. Nevertheless, Britain considered the canal vital to the maintenance of its maritime power and colonial interests. Therefore, the provisions of the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty of 1936 allowed Britain to maintain a defensive force along the Suez Canal Zone. However, Egyptian nationalists demanded repeatedly that Britain evacuate the Suez Canal Zone, and in 1954 the two countries signed a seven-year agreement that superseded the 1936 treaty and provided for the gradual withdrawal of all British troops from the zone.

The canal remained under the control of two powers until Nasser nationalized it in 1956; it has since been operated by the Suez Canal Authority .

The canal was closed to navigation twice in the contemporary period. The first closure was brief, coming after the tripartite British-French-Israeli invasion of Egypt in 1956, an invasion primarily motivated by the nationalization of the waterway. The canal was reopened in 1957. The second closure occurred after the June 1967 War with Israel and lasted until 1975, when Egypt and Israel signed the second disengagement accord.

After July 1952 Revolution, president Gamal Abd El Naser publicized the canal in announcement in (26 July, 1956) making the management of the canal a 100% Egyptian, which enraged the major countries leading to the Triad assault on Egypt in (29 October, 1956) which caused to the closing of the canal and it was reopened in (march 1957)

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Ship Suppliers / Ship Chandler /
Vessel Catering Services & Repairer
Petroleum Services / Offshore Supplying / Technical Assistance /Freight Forwarder Agents (From/To, Egypt)

Reliable Ship Supplier Allover Egyptians And freight forwarder allover the world ,ALL CREDIT FACILITIES AVAILABLE,Height quality, Low prices, Best discount, Fast services

IntroductionSite Map


Seabird Trading And Shipping S.A.E

 " has been founded as a joint stock company in 1995 - with experience dating back to 1939 - to act as shipping and forwarding agent in all Egyptian ports.

The company management comprises highly qualified professionals in Shipping, Banking, Trading and Information Technology forming together an ideal partner/agent for any principal that looks forward to having a foot hold in Egypt with its perfectly positioned location that enables to serve and feed diverse routes around the globe via Red Sea Ports and Mediterranean.
Since liberization of the shipping sector in Egypt, Seabird has been one of the pioneers in the shipping industry to act as a full shipping agent at all Egyptian ports as well as Suez Canal transiting.
Our policy dictates us to consistently live up to our responsibilities and to ever maintain the confidence of our principals, agents and clients.
Our focus is to continuously enhance our performance through investing in staff education and training and adopting the most recent and best in information technology, the sprite of age, that represents the core of our work system and communications.

Just a glance by touching SeaBird Web site button whence you will ascertain that our aims are to save your time and Money. We do this by providing the International Shipping Principals the very best applicable and available information relating to Egyptian Ports bearing in mind that same are subject to alterations and confirmation has to be obtained from Agents.

SeaBird Marine Services
Port Said

Ports of Presence:
Egypt - Alexandria, Egypt - Damietta, Egypt - El Alamein, Egypt - Nuweibah, Egypt - Port Said, Egypt - Ras Budran, Egypt - Ras Gharib, Egypt - Ras Shukheir, Egypt - Safaga, Egypt - Suez

SeaBird Marine Services, is specialized in vessel supply field in Suez Canal Area and all over Egyptian ports. Through its qualified and highly talented personnel it assures the highest standard of service.
We can offer one of the widest range of provisions available with achieving the correct balance of price and quality, and ensuring a consistent supply throughout the year . Fruit, vegetables and dairy
We can supply everything from soap to washing machines, from paper towels to furniture and bedding. Sanitary cleaners to cooking equipment are also available. Charts, nautical publications, flags and stationary together with safety equipment, rust removers, brushes, tools and much more. Engine stores such as tools, bolts, screws, steel are available.
Our bonded items include a wide range of beers, spirits, cigarettes and confectionary, as well as perfumes, toiletries and an exclusive range of gift items. We promise fast response, reliable service, quality of supplies, very competitive prices.

The Principal Aims of SeaBird are:

International Shipping Enterprise established in 1981, head office located at Port Said with branches in all Egyptian Ports .
We are an Egyptian Stock Company with a Capital of L.E. 25000000.00 .As our main activities are concentrated in Ships' Agency – Suez Canal Transit & Cargo operations of all categories whether Containerized or Bulk or General Cargoes and/or Tankers , we have an intimate knowledge of all Ports as well as renowned connections in the Maritime Transport market in Egypt .

Our Activities also include the following

Shipping Field
- Shipping Agency

- Shipchandling.
Owners Representatives
- Suez Canal Transit

- Clearing & Forwarding
- Bunkering Agents
- Air Freight
- Passenger & Tourism
- Brokering & Marketing
- Agents for International Marine Paints- London
- Agents for Unitor Services – Oslo

- Stevedoring & cargo Operations
- Loading & Discharging Supervision
- Fright Forwarders

General Ship Suppliers (Supplying)
- Provision &Bond Stores.
- Charts & Publications.
- General Suppliers.
- Hardwar Suppliers.
- Fresh Water Supply.
- Bunker Supply.
- Deck & Engine Stores.
- Safety Equipments.
- Marine Chemicals.
- Refilling Gases.

Transit Trade
Our transit warehouse built on 500 M2 inside custom we are sole agent & stockiest for:
BC Marine Tapes (Hatch Cover Tapes).
BC Petro Tapes (Anticorrosive Tapes).
Victor Pyratee Tank Cleaning Machines .

Parcel Clearance
Declaring parcels for delivery to vessel from airport.
Transfer parcels from vessel to another in the same port or different port.
Parcels forwarders from vessel to abroad.

Crew Exchange & Repatriation
Receiving Crew at airport.
Arranging transportation.
Booking hotels.
Booking flight tickets.

We are members of: Bimco- Intertanko- Issa – Fiata- Maritime Transport Committee Port Said & Chamber of Shipping Port Said.
Our company is set to provide an on-the-spot services to Principals who are using the Suez Canal or at any other Egyptian Port in the Mediterranean or Red Sea .

SeaBird is very well established , professionally managed and well versed in shipping and all relative activities , run by experienced and competent sinior executives ably supported by dynamic young staff . Furthermore , our offices are very well equipped with the best and the latest systems of communications for quick dispatch of all business operations work 24 hours a day & 365 days a year .

As a fact consequent to the ending of State Shipping Agency Monopoly , Principals have now full right to appoint their Shipping Agents whom they choose freely , and in the same time has opened the doors to the Shipping Agents to compete .
In this regard , we seize the opportunity to inform Principals that consequent to our obtainment of our permit from the Ministry of Maritime Transport in May 1998 , which entitled our company which is one of the leading Private Sector Shipping companies , to carry out Shipping Agency Activities in full in all the Egyptian Ports , we have already served fully a good number of vessels whose Owners entrusted us to act as their Sole Agents in all Egyptian Ports and owing to the high standard and first class services rendered to vessels as well as the friendly dealings with Masters and Vessels' Personnel ,the outcome is that the number of vessels we serve are gradually increasing;
Cargo Operations including Containers
In respect of cargo operations , we can assure you that the most efficient care will be rendered by our specialized staff with the lowest rates at all the Egyptian Ports .
Additionally , on top of the high standard services , accuracy and competitive rates , and owing to our favorable and friendly connections with the Containers Terminals Officials , we are in a position to reach a special agreement with them to grant you a special reasonable discount on all your containers handling operations .

Ship owners- Operators- Charterers & Ship managers

SeaBird Web Site
The world in which your Maritime Business operates is a world of questions and especially what concerns the International Maritime Ports.
In this respect, SeaBird which is a Company of answers has designed a valuable DEPOT of Information covering the Egyptian Ports as well as the Suez Canal Transit out of which Principals can easily obtain their requirements by contacting its Maritime Guide to Port entry Web site :
Therefore DO not HESITATE to consult SeaBird professionals for all your vessels' needs at all the Egyptian Ports & for Suez Canal Transit

Our History

We are a shipping agency settled in Suez (Head Office), as shipping agents we carry out the activities of ship's agents, forwarders, and loading/discharging  agents, Enriched with personal and professional experiences of more than twenty nine years in The shipping sector. Our company has been acting as subagents in all ports in Egypt.

  • Ship Agents
  • General Cargo Agents
  • Suez Canal Transit
  • Stevedoring Discharge/Load in All Egyptian Ports
  • Ship Chartering
  • Ship Brokers
  • Ship Chandlers
  • Ship Supplies/Bunkers/Fresh Water
  • All Kinds of Repairs/surveys

Through our offices and teams we perform smooth and efficient transit:

  • Registration at the canal authorities
  • Settlement of costs differentials within 72 hours of transit.
  • Advice on all documentation required by the Suez canal authority.
  • Canal rebates.
  • Preparation of bookings and any requirements.
  • Smooth transit without delay.
  • Complete records
  • Crew change.
  • sign on/off.
  • cash to master, medical care.
  • Supply of provisions, spare parts,
  • paints, foodstuff, bunkers, fresh water, charts.
  • Repair and maintenance during transit.
We provide all kinds of marine Supplies, Bunkers supplies , Provisions , bonded stores, deck supplies, engine supplies, marine paints, safety equipment, and spare parts.
Through our network of connections and professional standard of our services we provide competitive prices.
  • Cargo Surveys and Inspections.
  • Cargo Condition Surveys.
  • Cargo Loss Surveys.
  • Damage Surveys.
  • Hull and Machinery Inspections.
  • Draft Surveys.
  • Bunkers Surveys.
  • Hold and Tanks Cleanliness Surveys.
  • Supervision of Marine contractors and Ship's repairs

Through our offices and teams we perform smooth and efficient transit:

  • Registration at the canal authorities
  • Settlement of costs differentials within 72 hours of transit.
  • Advice on all documentation required by the Suez canal authority.
  • Canal rebates.
  • Preparation of bookings and any requirements.
  • Smooth transit without delay.
  • Complete records
  • Crew change.
  • sign on/off.
  • cash to master, medical care.
  • Supply of provisions, spare parts,
  • paints, foodstuff, bunkers, fresh water, charts.
  • Repair and maintenance during transit.
    Through our Wide connections through our partners in Novorsysk, Constansaza and Greece  
    Also our direct Connection with Turkish ,Syrian and Ukrainian Markets
We would like to introduce our company to our friends & customers  , An Egyptian registered company, found in 1981 Port Said with more than 20 years Experience, our firm has developed a wide variety of services in the field of shipping. 

Today we can offer a compete services to our customers agencies, Forwarding, Freighting of Vessels and provide barges, Liner agency, ship chandler, Etc. 

An amalgamation of all these services makes us possible to respond to every request and to solve problems with flexibility and efficiency . 

Seabird Shipping Agency provides a close follow-up of the market situation in trade and industry, has enabled our company to remain diversified organization in the field of shipping . all  matters concerned are handled with very experienced individual . 
Seabird is now one of the largest, most experienced and top class professional shipping agency in egypt with such experience, professionalism and reliability, we have a achieved confidence of more than 180 principles from various parts of the world. 

Our biggest strength is the individual care to each ship which we attend to. No efforts are spared to follow up and secure the execution of each order in a quick and economic way. Time is money ! ! ! 
To achieve this, an experienced team is using all means of modern communication, allowing permanent contact between office, shipping Clark, captain and officers. We also try to bring about a perfect coordination of the authorities and companies that are involved, such as suez canal authority, port authority, custom officers , bunker suppliers , ship chandler,... 

The number of forms has diminished and complicated calculations are executed within seconds. A highly trained staff guarantees the precision that is required for both national and international financial operations . 


 Port Said Suez Canal Head



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Port Said

 Vessel , Ship

  Egypt's geographic location adds an important aspect to the maritime transport sector. Overlooking at both the Mediterranean and Red sea and having the Suez canal linking them, Egypt realized that it can play an important role at the international level so the government over the years overplayed the infra structure of a great maritime industry by building ports and supplying them with high tech equipments to handle cargoes and passengers.

There are 41 ports in Egypt divided into commercial, Ore, Petroleum, Fishing and Tourestic ports.

Among the most important ports are Alexandria which is the biggest port in Egypt, Dekheila which is a natural extend to Alexandria port. Damietta which has the largest container terminal and most sophisticated equipments in the Middle East, Ports Said and Suez ports at both ends of the Suez canal.

It is historically recorded that Egypt was the first country to dig a man-made canal across its lands to connect the Mediterranean sea to the Red sea via the River Nile and its branches, that was in 1874 B.C. That canal was abandoned and reopened several times.
The Suez canal is actually the first canal directly linking the Mediterranean sea to the Red sea. It was opened for international navigation on 17 November 1869

SeaBird is a an Egyptian Corporation founded in 1981 as a private owned firm. operating as a Ships' Agent at all the major Egyptian Ports and for
Suez canal agency Transit. head office is in Port-Said. All contacts and accounts are handled centrally through Port Said. employs shipping professionals who provide service to international standards. has local expertise in Suez Canal Transits, Cargo Operations, Bunkering, Spare parts,etc.specialized in Tankers, Gas Bulk Carrier, Containers and other vessels. understands the need for fast, Seabird information and communications about the vessel and cargo. Seabird in the spot, with strong local connections and long experience in dealing with vessels problems. owns representatives board every vessel to attend to the Master's requirements.
For its customer service, SeaBird relies on a highly qualified team which is fully aware of the conditions of the local market, whether the Marketing or Logistics Departments. SeaBird provides full support for the various departments, with optimum services within a logistical frame that saves time and effort for our clients.

In the marketing department, the company depends on a competent team rendering the following services:

Market research: through a specially trained staff, having direct contacts with the Egyptian local market including top clients, the department can carry out the researches that enable our principals have the right market share, Thus achieving maximum profitability.

Promotion: SeaBird avails all its potential for the best promotion of its principals, since we have an integrated e-marketing system, in addition to the traditional methods of promotion.

Our marketing team can do all the necessary statistics and studies for achieving tangible results for its activities and for enabling it to read into the future as a means of moving forward on the right track without any failures that may shake our principals’ position in the market or cause it to lose our market.

The Logistics department provides the Marketing department with full support for maintaining our clients’ base and attracting new clients. One of the excellent services provided by Logistics department is the “Door to Door” service. The department has the technical expertise for carrying out customs clearance formalities and inland transport for delivering cargo to our clients with the quickest dispatch.

Our Marketing and Logistics departments are equally experts in providing their services to all types of cargo such as general or bulk cargo as in providing their services to containerized cargo.

SeaBird can achieve direct contacts with its local clients due to its excellent geographical presence in all the Egyptian ports : Alexandria, Port Said, Damietta, Suez and Red Sea Ports. Having its Head office in Port Said is an advantage as it is considered the heart of the Egyptian local market due its unique geographical location in relation to the port of Damietta, Suez and Cairo.

SeaBird can offer an excellent service that cannot be matched within the Egyptian market due to its team that combines practical experience and professional approach. freight forwarder agents

Why Choose Seabird
loyalty and trust with our clients through our professionalism and reliability.
Our philosophy is that as long as we maintain our strength, integrity, and are well connected internally, we are capable of facing any external challenges.
Everyone at Seabird genuinely cares for the business and its clients, which drives them to the highest levels of professionalism and hard work. We are a dedicated team that works with passion which makes our clients feel certain of their vessels' safety. .
We also have a wide range of connections through our active networking.
Loyalty, competence, punctuality, commitment and reliability are all attributes that we are determined to maintain.

What Makes Us Different ?
There are certain expectations that an agent has to meet to satisfy his client:
Competitive pricing strategy
Initiative (to act as an external department in Egypt)
Near zero response time
Reachable at all times
Highly networked
Shortest turnaround time
Up-to-date with all technological advancements
We are proud to say that we at Seabird have managed, through our rich experience in the field, to attain all of the above aspects.
Our commitment to Seabird and to each other, gives us the flexibility which enables us to compete in the high risk global world of shipping.
When such professionalism is combined with closeness, it is strength undefeated, and that makes us unique.

What do we have to Offer ?
Seabird offers a vast variety of shipping services that covers all of Egypt's ports, some of which are:
Represent Ship Owners at all Egyptian ports
Handling Liner Vessels, Tramp Vessels (Dry Cargo and Tankers, Gas and Chemical Carriers)
Husbandry attendance
Attend to all of owners' charters matters (stores supply/fresh water/bunkers/oil lube)
Stevedoring and Tally
Cargo surveys
On/Off hire surveys
Custom clearance and forwarding of shipping parcels
Ship supplies
Crew Change
Survey/Hull Cleaning and Inspection
Attend loading/discharging operations and liaise with various bodies to achieve the fastest turn around vessels
Freight forwarding Ship Supplies and Logistical solutions to all your transport requirements
Ship Management (technically and commercially)



M/Y "Al Salamah"

Dear Mr. Mohamed,
Since many years, I experienced a lot of transits through the Suez Canal onboard various vessels and with the assistance of different agencies.
Since I started to call on your agency "Seabird  Maritime", the procedures have been much easier and the transits a re always relaxed and without and hassle.
I very much appreciate the perfect service of your staff and I am always feeling very comfortable when I see the friendly faces of yourself and your crew.
Many thanks to Waael, Toto and Said for their competent support and good Cooperation.

Capt. T.Burcks (Master)


M/Y "Montigne"

Mohamed & Staff,

As always you are the name in the Suez Canal. Your Staff treat us the way we treat our guests & what a pleasant experience that is to have it reciprocated after a long summer season.
As we embark on our second transit on our second circumnavigation, I thank you all again for your kindness and assistance.

My Warmest Regards,
Martyn Walker(Captain)


S/Y "Starr Trail"

Dear Mohamed,
Many thanks for your assistance with our transit of the Suez Canal, your staff were always friendly and efficient and from the moment we arrived in Port Suez, they did every thing possible to ensure a safe and quick passage.

Capt/ Blair Simmons


M/Y "Ambrosia"

The Captain and Crew of AMBROSIA thank you for sharing with us the wonder and beauty of Egypt. Your personal warmth, professional ethic, polished elegance, and (CAN DO) attitude set the standard for agents around the world. We depart with fondness and appreciation!

Commander Stan Antrim (Captain)


M/Y "Tatoosh"

Dear Mohamed,
Thanks very much to you and all your staff at the Seabird  Maritime Agency for making our first transit of the Suez Canal such a smooth one.
I look forward to seeing you again on the return trip and will highly recommend your agency to any one coming this way.

Capt/ David Broom


M/Y "Meduse"

Thank you Mr. Mohamed Mohamed, of Seabird  Agency, for making our Suez transit as painless as can be. Our last minute schedule was accommodated easily and without problems, and we transited the canal both ways with virtually no waiting. How you organized this one can only speculate but was much appreciated by owner and crew of the MEDUSE. I highly suggest Seabird  as the agency to deal with canal formalities for any yacht transiting the area.
Best wishes to Mohamed, Said, and all the staff at Seabird . We hope to see you soon.

Sincerely, Capt. Ron Chace

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