Agency for Suez Canal Transits and
Cargo Operation in Egypt

Seabird agencies & shipping aps has arranged Suez Canal transits for more than 25 years through our principal Seabird Marine Services in Port Said.
We have so far assisted more than 7500 vessels during their transit of the Canal as well as loading and discharging in various Egyptian ports.
Seabird Marine Services in Port Said / Suez has the full agency for vessels passing the Canal or loading / discharging in Egyptian ports. Seabird Marine Services will protect ownersí interests while the vessel is in Egypt and assist in all matters such as crew change and spare part deliveries etc. After vesselís transit and/or cargo handling Seabird Marine Services will collect all vouchers and issue a disbursement account which will be mailed to the client no later than 45 days after the vesselís transit or after any cargo handling. Any amount in excess that may be due to the owner after having issued the final disbursement account will be returned to the owner.
Full agency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Suez Canal transit agency

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Dear sir,Site Map

We would like to introduce our co.:-

We are SeaBird Shipping Agencies Co., a leading shipping agency in Egypt for more than 35 years providing full agency services in all Egyptian ports.

We would like to announce that with view to meeting all market requirements, our activities have been improved, offering more new facilities for our clients to aquire always their trust and consent.

Therefore, we apply the complete standard of quality in conformity with the international rules ISO9002.

In view of the competition which dominates the shipping market all ovr the world, we decided to keep our company standing as a leader position in Egypt. This is achieved by supporting our services with innovating our systems using the best technical methods in all our procedures and connections

We guarantee :-

- Smooth operations with great control in more cost effective way.
- Arranging for all kinds of supplies (provisions, bunker, fresh, Water) plus ships repairs and spare parts delivery. .
- Repatriating crewmembers beside medical treatment.
- Full reliable information and all necessary documentation protecting our clients interests with quick transaction.
- Competitive agency services tariff giving discount.
- Handling all cargo types with great emphasis on containerization.
- Custom clarence and transport services.
Our top major professional staff and experts have experience in all aspects of the shipping business.
- Since 1997 we apply the complete standard of quality with the
International rules ISO 9002.


  • Liner operators disposal highly qualified and well trained staff to provide efficient port operations, an aggressive and target - conscious marketing activity Seabird documentation and reliable accounting
  • 365 days a year and 24 hours a day service is made available by highly qualified personnel reachable through our net of connections.
  • Our company has been providing first class service to our customers
    We can obtain proper certificates from internationally recognized institutions
    Our procedures call for strict compliance with national and international rules to avoid any unnecessary expense delays.


We kindly present to our customer all the service in the field of Clearance with high level of performance and competitive prices according to our company policy to motet with our customer suspicion in our following activities

  1. Clearance for inward & out ward cargo for allover Egyptian ports
  2. Clearance for transit cargo and parcel pack agar inward to Egyptian airports and over Egyptian ports.
  3. Clearance for all transit cargo to Egypt dry ports included custom guarantee
  4. Transportation activates from and to Alex airport with all over Egypt areas
  5. Starting from 14/1/2003, we have increased our GUARANTEE CUSTOM'S LETTER to 1,000,000 Egyptian pounds. This letter of bank guarantee can be under our clients service in all EGYPTIAN PORTS / AIRPORTS 24hours 7 days per week.


The Terminals:

The company has several terminals at Alexandria and ElDekheila ports. The company can receive all kinds of goods as containers, flats and general cargo. We also have craines to do all operations for all kinds of above cargo.


We guarantee presenting all kind of supplies in due time.

  • Bunker
  • Provision
  • Spare parts
  • Repairs

Not only in due time but with the best competitive price/quality ever offer our great experience in this subject gives our Co. the privilege in that field


What we Do
Port Agency

Our efforts are mainly aimed at providing reliable services in the most economical way. We understand our Principalsí needs and we do our best to meet and exceed them.

In view of increased competition and developments in information technology, it has become the main concern of Ship owners, Managers, and Operators to reduce operational costs without compromising their service standards. Agents may play a major role in this respect, not only by charging reasonable expenses but also by speeding up operations and minimizing claims as much as possible.

It is our policy to inform our Principals of all costs of their vesselís future operation at Egyptian ports or during its Suez Canal transit. Everything is defined in advance as per portís tariff of basic services covering most activities. No other hidden cost or expense is added unless prior approval has been obtained from Principals.

Seabird handles most types of vessels. In addition to its long history in serving General Cargo, Break Bulk Carriers, Tankers, Reefers, and others, it has become one of the leading agencies offering regular Container services to/from major destinations

Accurate D/A estimation on the basis of the updated port tariff.

Agency Services include:

Advising Principal and Master with port facilities, port restrictions and any new rules or regulations.
Updating the Principal and Master with the proper reports prior to arrival, such as berthing, operation prospects, crane availability, and weather updates.
Necessary steps are taken during vesselís stay to speed up operations, avoid claims, and to protect the ship from any false liability.
Master is assisted in completing proper cargo documentation, statement of facts, and sailing forms.
Dispatching final statement of accounts to Principals with official invoices, within a reasonable time after sailing.

Other services

1- Vessels husbandry

Seabird acts as protecting agent on behalf of various owners and provides the following services to their vessels:

1-a) Parcels Clearance

- This section has a highly qualified staff that is always on standby to deliver any parcels or urgent spare parts to vessels.
- Long experience in clearing all types of heavy weight, expensive value parcels from customs at
Cairo or Alexandria airports and dispatching to the vessel.
- Parcel transfers from ship to ship during their Suez Canal transit without any delay.

1-b) Bunker & Provision Supply

- Bunkers & provisions are supplied to vessels whether at anchorage or alongside the berth at all
Egyptian ports.
- Reasonable bunker prices quoted through our local bunker suppliers.

1-c) Crew change & Medical Services

The following services are arranged for the crew:
- Medical treatment and doctor visits.
- Arranging reasonable hotel accommodations and transportation for the incoming and outgoing
- Meeting and assisting the incoming crew at the airports until they join the vessel.
- Quick flight arrangements for the repatriated crew due to our excellent relations with travel
1-d) Others Services

- Ship repairs are arranged through our recommended and certified workshops with reasonable
prices and within a short period of time.
- Group Tours to major tourist attractions are arranged for our passengers through specialized
travel agencies.
- Renewals of shipsí certificate are arranged.
- Cash to Master services at all ports and Suez Canal.

2) Surveys and Inspection

Our associated companies carry out surveys and inspections of Cargo, Condition, Hull & Machinery, Bunker, Property Damage, as well as Hatch Sealings. However in unique cases where specialized experts are needed we appoint the best in each field.



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