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Suez Canal, Egypt


A cruise ship arrives at Suez outer

Anchorage area and reports to Seabird-Marine
Egypt that its boiler needs immediate Repairs.

The work must be completed and a Seaworthiness

Certificate issued within 12 hours.

Otherwise, the Suez Canal Authority will

Not allow the ship to join the northbound

Convoy entering the Suez Canal at 06.00

Local time. If it misses that deadline, the vessel

Will have to spend an extra day in Suez,

As there is only one daily northbound transit.


15.10 local time: Seabird-Marines Suez Canal Transit

Coordinating office in Cairo has advised

Branch offices at Suez, Port Said and Cairo

Airport to stand by for instructions. The

Ships owners are also informed of the

Situation and steps are being taken to meet

The repair deadline.


17.00 local time: A local workshop approved

By the vessels Classification Society has

Been appointed to the job, as has the Suez

Canal Authority-approved surveyor who

Will certify the work once its done. One of

the owners superintendents is now on his

Way to Egypt to oversee the repairs. When

he lands in Cairo at 19.00,
Seabird-Marine's Meet & Greet staff will speed him through the

Formalities, and drive him to Suez. Onboard

The cruise ship, Seabird-Marine Egypt boarding

Clerks help the Master complete all the

Documents needed to transit the Canal.


22.00 local time: Owners Superintendent

Boards the vessel, where the technician and

Surveyor are already waiting, and the repair

work starts.


23.15 local time: Job completed and Seaworthiness
Certificate issued. An hour later,

All the necessary documents are in the hands

Of the Suez Canal Authority, and the ship

Will be part of the transit convoy in a few

Hours time.


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