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The Suez Canal is considered to be the shortest link between the east and the west due to its unique geographic location; it is an important international navigation canal linking between the Mediterranean sea at Port said and the red sea at Suez .The unique geographical position of the Suez Canal makes it of special importance to the world and to Egypt as well.

This importance is getting augmented with the evolution of maritime transport and world trade. The maritime transport is the cheapest means of transport, whereas more than 80 % of the world trade volume is transported via waterways (seaborne trade).

Saving in distance , time and in operating costs for vessels that transit the Canal, also firm up this importance.


Port Said Port

The Seabird-Marine Port Said office in
Egypt was established due to the importance of
Port Said Port and the vital role it plays in the national economy.


Port Said port, besides being a commercial port
where many cargo ships call, is also a major cruise
port which receives many cruise ship port calls throughout the year.


Port Said has two big container terminals,
one located to the west and another more
recently established one to the East of the port area. 
Hence one of the main activities at the
Seabird-Marine Port Said office is Liner Services. 


Seabird-Marine Port Said comprises of a large,
experienced and professional Operations team
who are well-equipped to handle all type of ships
including bulk carriers, general cargo ships, tankers,
LPG, LNG, Containers, Car Carriers and naval vessels. 
In addition our staff has a wealth of experience in
handling cruise vessels and attending to their particular needs.


The Seabird-Marine Operations team at Port Said is also
responsible for handling all vessels making the southbound
transit of the Suez Canal as well as port calls at Port Said port and El Arish port.


Based on our faith in the fact that our company’s strength and potential lies in our man power is the reason why Seabird-Marine Port Said was very careful to select the best boarding representatives who are fluent in the English language. As per Seabird-Marine Policy all boarding staff regularly attends training courses and operations workshops in order to ensure they are fully aware of any developments in the shipping industry.


We offer the following services at Port Said for a call of discharging or loading as well as for Suez Canal transits:


-          Cash to Master Delivery

-          Ship’s spare parts, mail and parcels delivery

-          Customs clearance and air freight arrangements for outbound shipments

-          Ship’s crew (joining /repatriation/visa/medical/dental)

-          Ship’s stores (charts, publications, paints, lube oil & other supplies)

-          Ship’s repairs

-          Supplying fresh water

-          Bunkering co-ordination

-          Co-ordinations for surveyors

-          Notes of protests ( Notarization )

-          Delivery / Re-delivery



Port Said office is proud to have a very capable accounting team who carry out most steps of finalizing disbursement accounts. They collect and follow up all the invoices Seabird-Marine issued by the official authorities and vendors relating to the ship’s voyage. They ensure that those invoices match the related tariff.  Every single invoice is then translated into English as most of the official authorities invoices are Seabird-Marine issued in the Arabic language.


One of the most challenging elements for our accounts department is being able to finalize the ships’ D/As within a maximum 20 days as this is one of our company’s selling points.


The tentative D/As are dispatched to our Cairo office by the accounts department to be reviewed and finally processed then bundled and dispatched to clients.


As one of our main activities in Port Said is the Liner we have a dedicated liner team which consists of the following departments:


-          Customer services

-          Operations for import and export cargo

-          Documentation representatives

-          Inventory equipment employees who are assisted by the containers yard reps.



Seabird-Marine is an international maritime service provider, providing a wide and comprehensive range of maritime agency services, meeting the varied and diverse needs of ship-owners, operators and all other players in the shipping supply.


Suez Port

is one of the major ports at the Red Sea. Seabird-Marine Suez attracts some 2,400 vessels annually for Suez Canal transit and covers all Red Sea Ports in Egypt.


Seabird-Marine Egypt’s ships services division handles cargo vessel port calls and Suez Canal transits. Seabird-Marine is one of the top three leading specialists in Suez Canal transits while its port agency team handles around 250 calls monthly across all Egyptian ports and the Suez Canal, providing a wide range of services to vessel owners.


The ship services teams are highly skilled and well-trained personnel who are in fact supervising the vessels transits by actually attending the ships. Having such a skilled team lends to the fact that over the last few years Seabird-Marine has steadily increased its market share in terms of canal transit agency work.




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