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Welcome to Seabird Marine Services, Suez ship chandler and Suez Canal transit agent.
Seabird Marine Services was established in the year of 1981 at Port of Suez as Ship chandler, General ship supplier
and Suez Canal transit ship agent, serving vessels calling Suez, Egyptian Ports or transiting Suez Canal.

From the beginning we were known for, honesty and reliability which built our high reputation and expanded client's network world wide and created high growth situation.

Today Seabird Marine Services has branches in every Egyptian port with dedicated professional team and a large warehouse in a tax free area, gathering most of the items requested by vessels calling Egypt. This enables us to fulfill the
balance of the equation" high quality @ reasonable prices @ the right time".

Continuous growth and advanced management
allowed SeaBird Marine Services to become one of
the market leaders In Suez Canal area and
all Egyptian Ports in both fields of Ship chandler &
Suez Canal Transit agency

"Seabird Marine Services" today is one stop services station

Where you can have peace of mind and obtain all these services in one contact:
* General Ship Supply
* Life rafts & Safety Equipment supply and services with   class certification
* All repair works with qualified certified technicians
* All Spare Parts supplies
* Underwater works (Inspection, Repair & Cleaning)
* Spare Parts parcels custom clearance &
  Delivery on board
* Shipping Agency & Suez Canal Transit Services


Suez Canal
SeaBird-Marine is on the spot in the Suez Canal as the reliable intermediary for transit co-ordination, funds transfer and efficient communication. With local offices in Port Said and Suez Port, SeaBird-Marine is positioned to ensure a smooth and prompt transit.

Is represented to its potential clients through its experience with its reputable International and local clients in fact ,what characterize us is not so much its Size but its unwavering commitment to meet the demands of each and every client by Providing them with outstanding customer services on the best interest of its Clients, varying needs.
Shipping Agency for all Tonnages in Egyptian Ports, Great Experiences in handling Marble shipments in the Mediterranean Area
Is represented to its potential clients through its experience with its reputable International and local clients in fact ,what characterize us is not so much its Size but its unwavering commitment to meet the demands of each and every client by Providing them with outstanding customer services on the best interest of its Clients, varying needs
Main asset is its personnel in whom we invest intensively. We are highly selective when it comes to recruitment bearing in mind that the staff is indeed the key to our Success the 32 personnel are continuously trained and have extensive knowledge and Experience in the field that gives them the edge required to act in the most professional manner with our clients locally and internationally.

Cooperates with a number of well – established agents that operate in Europe, Africa, Fareast, and the Americas we have managed to gain their loyalty through our sense of professionalism and efficient business management. Our agents have always given us the privilege to function effectively and efficiently in order to meet the demands and Expectations of our clients and provide them with the most convenient and competitive costs.

Has a wide range of services that we consider as the backbone of our growth and are proud of we are currently serving more than seventy clients locally and international
Shipping Agency for all Tonnages in the Major Egyptian Ports, we have great Experiences in handling Marble shipments in the Mediterranean Area.
Freight Forwarding Air, Sea, Land, LCL and consolidated cargoes.
Door to door logistics
Customer Clearance for all Kinds of Import and Export Cargos
Ship brokerage, Chartering for all kind of vessels
Ships repair, underwater repair.
Suez Canal Transit, ship's supply and bunkering
Surveyors, Cargo, Ship surveys, Damage surveys.

In the 1985's Egypt economy was accelerating and there was great encouragement for privatization of many companies, which led to the attraction of many investors to Egypt currently the major economic activity is in the hands of private enterprises that are exerting great efforts to export and import.
SeaBird TRANS CONTINENTAL SHIPPING AGENCIES foresaw the need to provide and create the fertile soil for professional transportation and what the Process entails for anticipated goods movement from and to Egypt .The Company Was formed in 1985 and soon was to become one of the most advanced shipping and Freight forwarding companies in Egypt.
Success Was Indeed Phenomenal Since Its establishment, it has achieved and Exceeded more than expectation since then we managed through our commitment to Excellency, sense of dedication and professionalism to maintain the momentum of Growth . Hence its position among the top and most reputable agencies in Egypt.
In a competitive global market, maintaining our reputation as a company of Professional integrity in the perception of both our clients and staff is ranked as top Priority we are therefore very selective regarding potential clients, strictly adhering to International standards when serving them.
This tradition and the pillars of our success were set by the founders, foreign business partners and our dedicated staff members to meet the challenges moreover, services in the field.
Based on this modern and dynamic structure we were able to excel in the field and Achieve our mission with the same brand of professionalism and commitment that has ensured the success of each and every endeavor.

Providing our Customers with
Suez Canal Transit List

Egypt Ship Supplier Ship Chandlers Port Said Suez Ship Chandler Supplier Vessel Catering Suez Canal Agent freight forwarder in Egypt
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Advice to Shipmasters
Southbound Transits 
Northbound Transits 
Download  Rules Of Navigation in Suez Canal (PDF)

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Reliable Ship Supplier Allover Egyptians And freight forwarder allover the world ,ALL CREDIT FACILITIES AVAILABLE,Height quality, Low prices, Best discount, Fast services

Egyptian Law Office and
Marine Counsels
Site Map



Our Firm aims to provide a quick and perfect service through integrated team of maritime Lawyers and Marine consultants.

Who Are We
We are Maritime law firm working under SeaBird Marine Services Group.
Started as a law office and developed to be law firm hereby the official contract approved by office of authenticity of Alexandria real estate Administration.

Firm Profile
Our law firm handles claims , cases and legal matters which are related to maritime law , they are usually related to shipping , maritime insurance and maritime sale contracts (exportation & importation), also our firm handles legal matters and cases of commercial law and Egyptian investment law , in this regard all our legal services indicated in details in page of activities , please see it.Our firm consists of a group of young and old maritime lawyers and surveyors who have a worldwide experience , they work together as cooperative team to provide a quick and perfect legal service.
Most of our firm members have many and many years in shipping , but that is not most important to our firm , the real most important to it is creative and substantial ideas which should be to firm members.
Our firm have a worldwide clients during a few years from initiation date of activity in 1981.

Our Strategy
Our Firm aims to provide a quick and perfect service through integrated team of maritime Lawyers and Marine consultants.
The firm has a one main target , it is providing its clients with the available best services in available least time. this is firm strategic target.
To perform the firm target we have to perform three substantial principles: Protection , Integration and Perfection.
Protection: means study , follow , convoy and control all legal relations of our clients from the beginning , to protect our clients’ interest from the start to end. Integration: means practice our work through united and complementary team of maritime lawyers and surveyors. which means integrated and harmonic services in short time without any contrast between lawyers and surveyors.
Perfections: means providing our clients with the available best services in due time , that requires many properties to our team and our search.
Of course The first and second properties mentioned above, the others properties regarding the firm search are deep analysis and study all view of all firm’s members. Regarding the most important properties of firm members are creative brain and active personality , we think that make our firm unique.

Our Firm aims to provide a quick and perfect service through integrated team of maritime Lawyers and Marine consultants.
Our activities are divided to two kinds of legal services the first is relating to maritime law and commercial law,
the second is relating to Egyptian investment acts.

Activities related to Maritime & Commercial Law:
Handling the cases and claims related to maritime law before courts.
Handling the cases relating to exportation and importation.
Handling the marine cases before arbitrators.
Legal review to marine survey reports.
Cooperation with marine surveyors to manage marine incident.
Management the legal and claims depts. of shipping companies.
Preparing the legal wording to all kinds of marine documents.
Appointment marine surveyors and following, coordination and cooperation with them to make a legal survey report.
Representation of P&I Clubs to handle marine cases and claims.
Handling the claims related to custom law and commercial law.
Activities Related to Egyptian Investment Acts:
Providing with all legal advices about Egyptian investment acta.
Providing legal advices about tax abandonment and abatement of Egyptian investment law and about many guaranties and excellences given by this law.
Preparing legal benefiting studies about investing projects.
Foundation the companies those to be subjected to this investment law and take all required procedure before Egyptian authority of investment.
Handling all cases and claims relating to investment law.

Major Clients
Russian P&I Pool.
As our law firm is legal correspondent to it in Egypt
Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association Limited "LONDON".
CMA CGM Group - France "The French Line".
CMA CGM Egypt.
North of England P&I Club.
DHL Global Forwarding
International Multimodal Transport (Rafimar).


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