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Company Overview


SeaBird Transport was founded in 1992 as freight forwarder by Mr. Ahmed el Trabely  who is expert in this field .

Today SeaBird is one of top leader logistics forwarders in all Egyptian market.

SeaBird is a specialized company throughout Egypt in handling ready made garment business, as we are on eof top 10 agents for most first class airlines which enables us for special rates and booking priority.

SeaBird Specialized Forwarder in Retail and handling Textiles & Ready made Garments as Major Exports Moreover, Cosmetics & healthcare, Diplomatic Mail, Electronics and Computer Parts, Automotive, Food & Vegetables, Projects .

  • AirFreight :

SeaBird are considered one of Top 10 agents for First class Airlines which guarantee special rates and available booking during peak seasons.
Long experience in moving a wide range of commodities and offer our customers proper consultancy .
Through SeaBird and global net work you won't concern any more about logistics ….

  • OceanFreight :

Through major carriers and co-loaders out of Egypt SeaBird could offer special rates for your shipments .
SeaBird provide the following ocean freight services :

    • Full Load Container (FCL)
    • NVOCC.
    • Hangers.
    • BreakBulk.

We Guarantee on Time Delivery, Lead Time Reduction...

The following chart illustrates SeaBird Products :


Operation and Management:

SeaBird Specialized Forwarder in Retail and handling Textiles & Ready made Garments as Major Exports Moreover, Cosmetics & healthcare, Diplomatic Mail, Electronics and Computer Parts, Automotive, Food & Vegetables, Projects .

o        Professional experienced and motivated Team and Management to offer the customer high level of confidence ad reliability across Supply Chain.

o        Qualified Marketing Team working to meet growing demands of the market.

o        Regular seminars and Training programs for SeaBird Staff .

o        Computer Net work links all departments and SeaBird offices.

o        Forwarding software licensed to SeaBird to facilitate operation, Financial Process and issuance of Shipping Documentation.



Export Services




As SeaBird one of leader Logistics Forwarders in Egypt so we offer the following Services:

Door To Door :



From pick –up to document preparation, from customs clearance to door delivery, this comprehensive service is designed to meet your distribution needs anywhere in the world. With our global network of offices and service partners we make it easy for you.


Door To Port / AirPort :


ROCK-IT will pick up the shipment at your door, whether a factory or home address, deliver it to the nearest airport, perform the necessary export customs formalities .



Port / AirPort To Port / AirPort :


We will handle your shipment from nearstest Perhaps you already have a way to get your goods to the airport. With ROCK-IT Service, we will handle your shipment from the airport nearest to you up to the destination of your choice.


AirPort To Door :


If you have your own customs broker at the airport, then we can simply handle the air shipping for you. Upon receipt of shipment from your broker , we will prepare the airway bill and necessary documentation and fly its destination. Upon arrival, our office or services partner will clear customs and deliver your goods to the door of your consignee or client. Customs duties will be charged upon delivery to your consignee.



Ad hoc/ Sport Rate :


When you have large or bulk shipment SeaBird will be ready to offer you special rate suits your volume along with confirmed booking through their strong relations and long experience with first class airlines .
It's not something to worry about .... Just leave it to SeaBird .


Chartered Aircraft:


Urgent shipment = Quick Move.
No matter the volume , No matter the destination .
You will get your booking on time through chartered aircraft and SeaBird .




Import Services




Ex-suppliers Door and Routing-Order Import



For EX Factory and F.O.B terms we could set up an offer meets your satisfaction.
Then pick up the freight at your supplier door up to nearest Int'l Aiport / Port at origin then dispatch it out to final destination.
This is what called in Import Industry (routing Order).
You will be updated where your shipment is on every step in the way.
When you compare your direct suppliers offers so you will get how SeaBird looking for saving your money.


Consolidation and Group age


ROCK-IT can pick up, warehouse, and consolidate all your orders and freight at our terminals in the major cities and then ship them to any point in the Middle and Near East.

ROCK-IT is specialists in the Middle East. If you require customs clearance, only we can clear your shipments on –time, just when you need it


Incoming Door to Door


The best SeaBird could offer.
SeaBird will handle your goods from origin to destination.
Set up proper documents then arrange for shipping to you.
Deliver it right at your door.

All these services cost are included in only one invoice to simplify your purchasing and financial requirements.


Legalization and Consular Services


SeaBird is not ONLY Forwarder , but also Client Consultant.
When you need legalization just ask SeaBird and they would do it for any supplier all over the world.


Other Services




Free Domicile Export or Import



This service is particularly useful when you need to ship samples to clients or gifts, for business purposes, or to a dear family member, because it enables you to assume responsibility for all charges, door-to-door, including fees and duties at both ends, origin and destination.


Commercial Services


SeaBird would coordinate with your vendors overseas to pick up your goods from a variety of individual suppliers and consolidate orders into one economical shipment to your place of business.
This service also simplifies financial procedures as we can settle the payment on your behalf and charge your account, then invoice you later (on arrival).
One Economic Shipment.


Warehousing and Distribution


Major bond secured warehouse located near cairo airport 1300 SQ.M .
Working 7 days aweek , 24 hours aday.

Warehouses facilities can be summerised as:

§         Storage / Distribution.

§         Set Up Documents.

§         Packing and Repacking.

§         Container Stuffing / OFFLoading.

We keep our inventory at lowest level.
SeaBird listen to your specific needs then creat operations system to serve all your requirements for Sea / Air / Inland freight.


Exhibition Handling


Just Leave it to ROCK-IT.
We will pick up,clear , ship exhibition materials to any venue in the world.
When it's over , you can reply on SeaBird who will undertake returning back materials or transfere to next exhibition and set it up all over again.


Personal effects Handling


If you just moved , SeaBird will be right tere to help you.
SeaBird will handle the whole process of packing , crating,inland , shipping , documentation until delivery to final destination .


Other Logistics SeaBird offer


  • §         Brokerage.

  • §         Packing & Repacking .

  • §         Local delivery through 41 trucks cover all over egytian cities and ports .

  • §         Bar Coding .

  • §         Handling special equipment / dangerous goods. .

  • §         Packing & Repacking .

  • §         Insurance.

  • §         Full / Part Charter service.

  • §         Tracing system for your shipment.



Contact Us

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Head Office at Port Said
Seabird Marine Services (Port Office)
Egypt ship supplier

Contact Person:
 Marketing & Commercial Manger - Mohamed Khalifa
Mobile: 0020 12 409 6457